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Robert Downey Jr is my fave

Bow Down - The reason I put out Bow Down is because I woke up, I went into the studio, I had a chant in my head. It was aggressive, it was angry. It wasn’t the Beyoncé that wakes up every morning, it was the Beyoncé that was angry, it was the Beyoncé that felt the need to defend herself and I listened to it after I finished and I said..
"this is hot!" imma put it out. I’m not gon’ sell it, imma just put it out. People like it? Great. They don’t, they don’t and I won’t do it everyday because that’s not who I am but I feel strong and anyone that says “oh that is disrespectful” Just imagine the person that hates you. Imagine the person that doesn’t believe in you and look in the mirror and say bow down bitch and I guarantee you’ll feel gangsta.

- Beyoncé

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"You need to love the wrong ones, to know what it feels like when you finally do love the right one."

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"I’’m fun to flirt with but not to date because I’’m a psychopath."

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*tries to chill*

*accidentally does the most*

"The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life."

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If that’s it then I’m hella intelligent.

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